Paying homage to our company’s Italian heritage, the Tuscan Sunrise is a velvety drink with flavors that remind us of a crisp morning in the hills of Scarperia. Utilizing a delicious black tea “Peacemaker Syrup” this espresso based drink is sweet, complex, and can be enjoyed by both coffee lovers and non coffee lovers alike.

Recipe developed by Scott Callender

30g Peacemaker Syrup
24 – 36g Espresso
Steamed Milk

1. Add Milk & Syrup to Steaming Pitcher
2. Pull a shot of espresso
3. Steam milk and syrup
4. Pour milk into espresso
5. Top with Cinnamon and garnish, serve

Peacemaker Syrup
6ml black tea
450g water
1 Ground Clove
150g Orange Juice
250g Sugar
2g Cinnamon
3g Orange Zest
2 Dashes Orange Blossom Water

Brew Tea (6g) in Hot Water (450g), this will serve as the base of your simple syrup. Once tea is steeped, remove tea leaves and add the remainder of the ingredients. Bring to a boil (4-5 minutes). Remove from heat, allow to cool.