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Copy of Warranty

From the beginning, our mission at La Marzocco Home has been to “create an uncompromised espresso experience for the home barista through professional equipment and education.”

We stand behind the products we sell and want to make sure that your experience with La Marzocco is exceptional. If you ever have any problems with the items you purchase directly from us, we are here to help. If you purchased your espresso machine through another reseller we request that you contact them first in order to allow them to go through their normal procedure and to take care of their customers in the best way they know how.

Below is more information on the warranty included on machines purchased directly through

Warranty length:

The GS3 espresso machine carries a 13-month parts and labor warranty when purchased directly from La Marzocco Home.

The Linea Mini espresso machine carries a 24-month parts and labor warranty when used in the home.

The Linea Micra espresso machine carries a 12-month parts and labor warranty when used in the home.


While we strive to make sure you are a satisfied customer, there are some situations that the warranty does not cover:

Normal-wear parts: these include gaskets, filters, vacuum breakers, o-rings, grinder burrs, plastic hoppers and other moving parts.

Problems relating to water damage, poor water quality and scaling: La Marzocco espresso machines come with a water test kit in order to make sure that you are using the correct water in your machine. Using water outside the La Marzocco specifications is the most common reason for machine and parts failure. Make sure you test your water and filter!

Products where the serial number has been damaged or removed

Operation of the machine outside the parameters stated in the user documentation—the Labor warranty is excluded on machines deemed to be used in commercial applications.

Any product that has been damaged as a result of accident, abuse, misuse, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance/cleaning, neglect, installation, mishandling, damage during shipment, line power surges or any external causes

Modification or service by anyone other than La Marzocco USA

Shipping costs to ship product back to La Marzocco USA for a return, exchange or service.

Expedited shipping cost of parts to customer for self-repair.

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