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La Marzocco Home

introducing pico

a perfect pairing


linea micra

bring the café home


linea micra

Ready, set, brew. Bring the café home.

linea mini

So simple, so happy. Born from a classic.


Nearly a century of espresso machine innovation.

leva x 1 group

Advanced technologies combined
with traditional ideologies.

grinders for the home

Proper espresso grinders can make or break your espresso preparation. Pair your espresso machine with a grinder to elevate your home espresso set up.

Portafilter in hand, with ground coffee

stay dialed in

Keep up with all the happenings at La Marzocco Home
from educational posts to in person events, La Marzocco Home
blog will keep you up to day.

handmade in florence
since 1927

From the early days of vertical boiler machines to jam packed cafés brewing espresso non-stop throughout the day, La Marzocco has had a part. Learn more about us below.