Just in time for Father’s Day, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite home espresso tools & accessories. Whether you’re an aspiring coffee fanatic, a well-seasoned home barista vet, or you’re looking to get your home barista dad that perfect gift, the items in this gift guide combine both form & function, and would be a great addition to any home espresso workflow.

Gift Guide Fathers Day


1. Saint Anthony Industries Custom Wood Tamper ($139): This smooth walnut handle is joined with a flat, 58.5 mm stainless steel base to provide maximum comfort and coverage while tamping.

2. 12 oz. Steam Pitcher ($29): This La Marzocco branded 12 oz. steam pitcher by Rattleware is made from 18/10 high quality stainless steel. The tapered spout and heavier feel makes this the preferred pitcher to use for making latte art and is a great size for macchiatos and cappuccinos.

3. Acaia Lunar Scale + Portafilter Plate ($250)Weighing is key while brewing espresso. The Lunar is bluetooth-ready, incredibly durable, and precise. The scale fits perfectly onto the drip tray of the espresso machine and is built with a premium quality clean aluminum body. Comes with a magnetic portafilter plate.

4. Custom Walnut Portafilter ($185): The La Marzocco Walnut Portafilter is made from 100% American walnut, grown under Managed Forest Crop control, insuring sustainability. The handle has a 15-degree angle, which allows for the portafilter basket to stay completely level and upright for consistent tamping every time. Fits all La Marzocco Espresso machines.

5. Linea Mini Plumb-in Kit ($125): All the parts necessary to convert your Linea Mini reservoir machine to a plumbed-in version. It comes with the braided hose for incoming water, the clear armored hose for draining the drip tray, all of the installation pieces and instructions to help you convert your machine.

6. Walnut Brew Paddle ($95): Perfectly crafted  walnut to improve the look and feel of your daily brew ritual. The walnut is 100% American grown under Managed Forest Crop control insuring sustainability. It is easy to install and comes with instructions. Fits the Linea Mini & GS3 AV.

7. Linea Mini T-Shirt ($25): Designed by Jon Contino and screen-printed in New York, these Linea Mini shirts are the perfect gift for the Linea Mini lover.

8. Saint Anthony Industries Barista Apron ($110): Keep it clean & tidy with this lightweight denim apron made from the the premium weave of American Cone Denim, from their legendary factory in North Carolina.

9. Bottomless Portafilter ($95): The La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter fits all La Marzocco Espresso Machines, and allows you to watch the beauty of an espresso extraction from underneath the basket. Get your cameras ready.

10. Lux-D Grinder ($975 – $995): We designed this grinder for the barista at home with a configuration that fits into your ritual. It is sized between the Mazzer Mini and Mazzer Super Jolly and introduces an On Demand Dosing system with 61 mm flat burrs that grind 18 grams of coffee in 10 seconds. Available in White, Black, and Metallic Silver.

11. Saint Anthony Industries Wood Knockbox ($99): Give your boring knockbox a makeover. Made with carefully-finished, finger jointed walnut set atop rubber feet. Includes both the surround and knockbox.

12. La Marzocco Handmade Ceramic ($22 – $32): Ceramic and coffee go hand in hand. When you care enough about the quality of your coffee, you also care about the vessel you drink it from. With that in mind, we teamed up with Seattle-based ceramicist Sarah Kaye to bring our dream cups to life. Available in 4 oz, 6 oz, and 10 oz.

Pictured – Linea Mini Home Espresso Machine ($4,495): Inspired by the most iconic La Marzocco machine ever built, the Linea Mini is a kitchen-sized version of the Linea Classic, a machine loved by thousands of professional baristas and the heart of your favorite cafés. The Linea Mini looks as beautiful as it performs, ready to serve for years to come.

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