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Acaia Lunar Scale and Portafilter Plate



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The lunar scale from acaia continues in the usability and aesthetic experience of the acaia scale collections, now represented by a more compact size that fits into the drip tray of the espresso machine, and built with a premium quality clean aluminum body, making the lunar scale more sophisticated and more durable. The La Marzocco Home acaia lunar scale ships with the weighing plate ($30 value) for weighing the portafilter.

Readability 0.1g
Capacity 2000g

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Product Name: acaia lunar scale
Model Number: AL001
Warranty: 2-Year limited Content: acaia lunar scale, micro-USB cable, acaia scale weight 100g

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 Devices: iPhone 4S iOS7 or later, Android 4.3 +  (Full list:

Designed in California, Made in Taiwan

Acaia Lunar Features

Brighter Display: Features a brighter display to provide better contrast.
Fast: 20ms response time provides Ultra-fast response time and instant readings.
Accurate: Highest internal resolution up to one million counts allows for readability up to 10th of a gram. The acaia lunar is sensitive to even weight changes resulting from evaporation.
Stable: Auto Zero tracking, Creeping compensation technology to provide industrial grade stability.
Built-in Stopwatch: You can track the blooming, pouring and infusion time without a fuss, with the two-way timer that sync with your mobile phone.
Automated Auto-off Customization: The Lunar will not shut down during coffee brewing, auto-off feature is also customizable in mobile app.
Rechargeable USB Power Supply: A greener alternative power source, battery lasts 20-30 hrs.

Inside the package:
1 acaia lunar scale
1 mini-USB cable
1 acaia calibration weight
1 acaia portafilter plate