Since the idea of La Marzocco Home was born, we’ve wanted to deliver a grinder that optimized the espresso experience at home. The goal was to build a grinder that took the best parts of the Mazzer E grinders, but made them more user friendly for the barista at home. The result is the La Marzocco Lux D grinder by Mazzer. The Lux D has the same funnel that the E grinders use, but grind activation is engaged by a portafilter button that sits behind the forks. This allows the barista to grind directly into the basket and weigh the dose instead of relying on time that can create dose changes over the course of the day.

Not only has the dosing system been improved for home use, but the Lux has 61 mm flat burrs that grind 18 grams of coffee in 10 seconds vs. the 25 – 30 seconds of the Mazzer Mini. This creates a speedy work-flow for dialing in shots and serving multiple drinks to guests.

The Lux comes standard with a short Mazzer hopper that holds 1.3 pounds of coffee and brings the total height of the grinder to 18.25 inches. It also comes in three finishes that will match the body style of your GS3: metallic silver, white and black.

Learn more about the Lux D here