We see a lot of great coffees here in the showroom at La Marzocco USA, and one of the obvious benefits of that is getting to taste some of the best coffees from some of the best roasters around the world.

Over the last month, lots of roasters have released a holiday-themed blend of some sort, and heading into Christmas, we decided to highlight a couple of our favorites. Here’s what we’ve been liking lately:

Counter Culture’s Holiday Blend

Recipe: 17.5g in, 40g out, 30 seconds
Tastes Like: pecans and cocoa nibs with a brown sugar sweetness

Verve Coffee Roasters’ Holiday Blend

Recipe: 18.5g in, 32g out, 28 seconds
Tastes Like: caramel and mulling spices with an orange-like acidity

Stumptown Coffee’s Holiday Blend

Recipe: 19g in, 30g out, 36 seconds with a 10-second pre-infusion
Tastes Like: rich cocoa and cherries with a heavy, velvety body

These recipes are only suggestions! We’d love to hear how you’re brewing these coffees, and if there are any coffees you’re loving lately, we’d love to hear about them—share it with us at @lamarzoccohome.