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Fritz Coffee Company + La Marzocco Home

Exciting news for all of our Home Espresso Subscription members: we’re sending two delicious coffees from our friends at Fritz Coffee Company in Seoul, KR. Fritz is known and loved throughout the coffee industry, and these coffees can be tough to get in the U.S.—we’re pleased to be able to offer them exclusively to our Subscribers.

Below, you’ll hear from the Fritz team about each coffee and what makes it so special.

Yours in good espresso,

— The La Marzocco Home Team

About Us

Fritz is a group of professionals. We started with experts from each part. Most of all, we had a deep sympathy for each other’s attitude as professional worker. It is of great interest to the quality of the products we are making. And we all value the lives of the people who make the products. So, if possible, I would like to replace our introduction by writing down the names of our members one by one. We do direct trade and roasting for each sustainable day. And bake bread ourselves every day. Also making design goods that designed ourselves. We’d like to do this for a long time. Thank you.

The Coffees

Seoul Cinema

Costa Rica Perla Del Cafe Villa Sarchi Honey 35%

Costa Rica Las Lajas Caturra Perla Negra 20%

Ethiopia Yirgacheff Idido Tulise Natural 10%

Ethiopia Guji Hambella Dabaye Washed 35%

Tasting Notes: Plum, Raspberry, Lemon peel, Assam tea, Sugar


In: 20g

Out: 40~43g

Time: 29-31s

Temperature: 93.5c

Pressure: 7 bar

Pre-infusion: 5s

Single Origin

Coffee Name: Herbazu Villa Sarchi Honey

Origin: Costa Rica, West Valley

Producer:  Antonio Barrantes

Elevation: 1,500m

Process: Honey

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Orange, Smooth mouthfeel


In: 19 – 19.5g

Out: 40~42g

Time: 30-32s

Temperature: 94.0c

Pressure: 7 bar

Pre-infusion: 5s