One of the beauties of espresso is its versatility. Whether straight-up on its own, or mixed with hot water, steamed milk, or even chocolate sauce, espresso’s unique flavor-profile shines through. Though just what is the right accompaniment to espresso, and how much, is actually a rather contentious question…

We’ve heard it all, from the straight-shot purists, to the reformed macchiato drinker, to the large latte every morning and a mocha for a treat folks. While no espresso drink is wrong per se, there are undeniable differences in how one should prepare an espresso depending on what will be accompanying it.

We want to talk more about how to dial in your espresso for various drink types, but first we want to know just how exactly you enjoy your espresso, so we can best tailor our suggestions.

To that end, we’ve put together the brief survey below. Please take a second to fill it out, and we’ll share the findings, along with how to maximize your espresso for some of your favorite drinks, soon.