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List of Roasters

April 2017Tim WendleboeOlso, Norway Ratio: 1:2
In: 20g
Out: 40g
Time: 30s
1:220g40g30sFinca Tamana
May 2017Toby's EstateBrooklyn, NY Ratio: 1:1.75
In: 18g
Out: 32- 40g
Time: 27s
1:1.7518g32- 40g27sBedford Blend
June 2017Madcap CoffeeGrand Rapids, MI Ratio: 1:1.84
In: 18.5g
Out: 34g
Time (inc 5s pre-infusion): 32s
Time (w/o pre-infusion): 26 - 30s
1:1.8418.5g34g32s26 - 30sThird Coast Espresso
July 2017Four Barrel CoffeeSan Francisco, CA Ratio: 1:1.5
In: 18.5 - 20.5g
Out: 27 - 31g
Time: 26 - 31s
1:1.518.5 - 20.5g27 - 31g26 - 31sFriendo Blendo + Ethiopia Bulga
August 2017Coffee SupremeNew Zealand, Australia, Japan Ratio: 1:2 (or so)
In: 18-19g
Out: 35-45g
Time: 26-32 seconds
Pressure: 9 bar
Temperature: 201 F
1:2 (or so)18-19g35-45g26-32 seconds9 bar201 FSupreme Blend
September 2017Olympia CoffeeOlympia, WA Coffee 1: Big Truck Blend
Ratio: 1:2
In: 18g
Out: 36g
Time: 25-30 seconds
Temperature: 200 F
Basket Size: 17g
Big Truck Blend1:218g36g25-30 seconds200 F17g
--------- Coffee 2: Sweetheart Espresso
Ratio: 1:2.5
In: 17g
Out: 43g
Time: 25-30 seconds
Temperature: 200 F
Basket Size: 17g
Sweetheart Espresso1:2.517g43g25-30 seconds200 F17gBig Tuck & Sweetheart
October 2017Belleville BrûlerieParis, France Coffee 1: La Fontaine
Ratio: 1:2.2
In: 14.5g
Out: 32g
Time: 25-27 seconds
Pressure: 6 bar
Temperature: 201 F
La Fontaine1:2.214.5g32g25-27 seconds6 bar201 F
--------- Coffee 2: Chateau Belleville
Ratio: 1:4
In: 16.5g
Out: 64g
Time: 23-26 seconds
Pressure: 6 bar
Temperature: 201 F
Chateau Belleville1:416.5g64g23-26 seconds6 bar201 FLa Fontaine & Belleville
November 2017Quills CoffeeLouisville, KY Coffee 1: Guatemala Huehuetenango
Ratio: 1:2.2
In: 19g
Out: 42g
Time: 28-30 seconds
Temperature: 201 F
Guatemala Huehuetenango1:2.219g42g28-30 seconds201 F
--------- Coffee 2: Blacksmith
Ratio: 1:2.2
In: 19.5g
Out: 41-42g
Time: 28 seconds
Temperature: 202 F
Blacksmith1:2.219.5g41-42g28 seconds202 FHuehuetenango & Blacksmith