Sisters Coffee: April 2020

Rutas del Inca, Peru

With glaciated peaks, lava fields, rivers, abundant wildlife and more, Central Oregon provides a unique adventuring experience that captures the imagination. In this landscape, adjacent to the Three Sisters Wilderness, Winfield and Joy Durham founded Sisters Coffee in 1989. Their aim was to create a rare craft coffee experience in Sisters, Oregon, while raising a family and building community. Still family-owned, and now run by the three Durham siblings, Sisters Coffee continues to evolve with the coffee industry, growing and thriving in Central Oregon and beyond. The roastery and flagship cafe are still on the same ground where the company started, roasting and serving both innovative coffee offerings and longtime customer favorites alike.

About the Coffee

Cooperativa Agraria Rutas del Inca was founded in 2013 with just over thirty members. Since then the cooperative has grown to over three hundred smallholder farmer members throughout northwestern Cajamarca. The extraordinarily high growing elevations slow the maturation of the coffee cherries, developing sugars within the beans that burst from the cup. The first time we cupped this coffee we knew it was something special. Sustainable Harvest had already identified the cooperative’s excellence and partnered with them, helping the cooperative run in a functional manner while growing quickly. The member farmers grow coffee in family owned plots averaging around three hectares in area. Once harvested, they wash and dry their coffee before delivering it to the cooperative to be blended into the larger lot.

Origin: Querocoto, Cajamarca, Peru

Farm/Farmer/Producer: Cooperativa Agraria Rutas del Inca

Elevation: 1800-2400 MASL

Process: Washed

Varietals:  Typica, Caturra, Paches, Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Molasses, Almond

Other Notes: Fig, Chocolate, Allspice, Soft Cantaloupe


In: 21 grams

Out: 52 grams

Time: 27 seconds

Pressure: 9 bars

Temperature: 200 degrees fahrenheit 

Optional Pre-Infusion: 3 seconds at 9 bars with a 3 second hold after pre infusion