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Ruby Coffee Roasters + La Marzocco Home

Ruby Coffee Roasters has been roasting coffee for 6 years in Central Wisconsin. Founded by Jared and Deanna Linzmeier, Ruby started out in a spare room of Jared’s childhood home with a focus on making amazing coffees extremely approachable. Today, Ruby has a roasting warehouse in Nelsonville, Wisconsin along with a full cafe in nearby Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and while the team is a bit larger, the goal remains the same: showcasing colorful coffees in a way that appeals to all coffee drinkers.


The Coffees

Cheers Holiday Blend

Origin: Nyeri, Kenya; Sonsonate, El Salvador; Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Producer: Kenya Gachatha Washing Station, El Salvador Finca Natamaya, Cerro La Cruz Co-op Costa Rica

Elevation: 1800-2100 masl, 1400-1550 masl, 1600-1900 masl

Process: fully washed, fully washed, white honey processionals

Tasting Notes: mulled wine, dried fruit, warm spices, candied orange

Every Holiday season we look forward to the development and release of our Cheers blend. For our sixth annual release we have created a blend that is both delicate and decadent! The current components are Costa Rica Cerro La Cruz, Kenya Gachatha, and El Salvador Natamaya. We love the way these flavors play off of each other, and the result- ing cup hits all the flavors that we think pair well with a Wisconsin winter: dried fruits, warm spices, and a deep sweetness.

This year’s blend shows the importance of commitments. We’ve long held commitments to working with the producers of Cerro La Cruz in Costa Rica and the owners of Finca Natamaya in El Salvador. By buying their coffees year after year, we’ve been able to plan for how their coffees fit into our lineup as single origin releases and even plan for their inclusion in Cheers. We like to think that the winter season is about coming together, and Cheers itself represents bring- ing together the best coffees in our lineup for a spectacular blend.Developing Cheers every year takes time and thought: we always want to highlight seasonal coffee — showcasing peak quality of the coffee as it was harvested from the farm.

At the same time, we always want to find a beautiful flavor profile that warms our cups and our bellies for the cold winter setting in. You might not have the same sort of winter that we do here in Nelsonville, butputting together Cheers is our way of bringing our little corner of Central Wisconsin to wherever you are. Celebrate the work of quality-focused coffee production as you celebrate the season, and grab a bag of Cheers today for you, or for a loved one.


In: 18-19g

Out: 38-42g

Time: 32s

Temperature: 202F

Pressure: 9 bar


Coffee Name: El Salvador Finca Natamaya

Origin: Sonsonate Department, El Salvador

Producer: Hermann and Nena Mendez

Elevation: 1400-1550 masl

Process: Fully washed

Tasting Notes: cola, black cherry, molasses, fudge

Finca Natamaya is named for the two daughters of Hermann and Nena Mendez, Natalia and Mayita. In a way, this project represents the future, just like their daughters do. The farm was purchased by the family with the specific intention of developing the quality of the coffee to a level that land had never seen before. At Natamaya, experimental small lots of unique coffee varieties have been planted on the heels of standard quality improvements: better cherry selection, more consistency in drying processes, controlled fermentation.

But what really took their coffees to the next level is a commit- ment to analyzing every detail available.In 2012, the Mendez family sorted their coffees into 50 micro lots in order to experience with Jared the difference in flavor development and quality of each parcel of land. The results were eye-opening and integral in the Mendez family better understanding how to build higher quality blended lots. This level of commitment produced the cleanest, sweetest lots yet, and helped Ruby understand the weight of what a partnership could mean.

This is the second year we’ve been able to deepen our relationship: not only was Ruby able to increase the amount of coffee ordered from Natamaya for this single origin release, but we also were able to purchase large quantities to be a part of Creamery. From Hermann, himself: “We welcome Jared’s increased order, we actually look forward to having advanced orders/fixed price to secure the income to practice a better agriculture.”


In: 18g

Out: 38-40g

Time: 28-32s

Temperature: 202F

Pressure: 9 Bar