Practice Latte Art (without wasting coffee)

Improve your latte art with this quick tip video.


Latte art is tough. While it doesn’t actually *taste* like anything, pouring beautiful latte art is the cherry on top of a carefully crafted home espresso sundae. You can take classes on the technique of pouring latte, and read all about it, but the only way to truly master it is to do it over and over and over (and over) again.

Over time, the muscle memory of hand position, cup position, speed, and distance all start to sing in harmony.

Well, thanks to an old industry trick, you can practice on repeat without wasting perfectly good coffee. All you need is a little food coloring, milk, and some time and patience. You’ll be pouring beautiful art in no time.

Good luck!

-The La Marzocco Home Team

Need to brush up on your technique? Check out our Chefsteps video on pouring latte art with Charles Babinski.