Home Barista Snapshot: Kevin Sze

GS3 Owner, La Marzocco friend, and Home Barista from Portland, Oregon

Being a Home Barista means a lot of different things—but one thing we’ve found to be true over the years is that coffee truly forms community. That’s why we love home-barista.com and the vibrant community of Home Baristas it’s developed.

To celebrate everything that comes with being a home barista, we’re partnering up with the team at home-barista.com to highlight different Home Baristas and their morning routines.

If you’re looking to take the next steps in your Home Barista hobby, be sure to check out the home-barista.com forums—they’re filled with great info and conversations, all centered around making coffee at home. 

Next up, we’re talking with Kevin Sze. Kevin lives in Portland, Oregon and has been a longtime friend of La Marzocco—you’ve probably seen some of his photos on our Instagram and Blog. Enjoy!

Kevin, tell us a little bit about yourself….

Husband, Innovation Product Developer, fueled by coffee, donuts, hip-hop music, and good laughs. Currently home brewing in Portland, Oregon since 2013.

What are you currently brewing at home?

Keeping it local with some Roseline Coffee – Catapult Blend (50% Ethiopia,Guji – 50% Colombia, Palermo) as espresso. 18g in : 36g out, 26-30s, 200F with a moderately gentle ramp up in pressure to 7bar.

Editor’s Note: GS3 MP Pressure Manipulation 👊

What role does your home coffee ritual play in your day?

My wife and I’s morning coffee time is our time to chill and relax before the hustle of the day begins. It is something I look forward to every morning and never miss.

What’s your favorite part about making coffee at home?

The actual craft and process of making coffee is what I find really fun and rewarding. It is the culmination of years of reading coffee forums, researching equipment, hours trying different techniques, tasting hundreds of different coffees, and controlling all the variables for consistency that come together to make a tasty cup at home.

Tell us about your home coffee setup…

GS3 MP + Lux-D by Mazzer.

Where can we find you?

Instagram handle @pdx_homebarista