With the introduction of the Brew-by-Weight Scale, automated, mass-based espresso brewing on the Linea Mini is possible. This technology is designed to take the espresso-brewing process to the next level by enhancing precision and control, and aiding by automatically stopping the brewing process at a desired weight.

Using machine learning and a predictive drip algorithm, the system controls the brewing process to stop at a precise pre-set weight, ensuring consistent shots every time. Whether you’re a professional barista or an at-home enthusiast, pairing this scale with the Linea Mini can enhance your workflow and improve your espresso.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to set up and use this feature.

a step-by-step guide to using brew-by-weight

Please note that this scale and its features are exclusive to the Linea Mini. Learn more about compatibility here.

  • A Brew-by-Weight Scale (This is a required accessory for utilizing the brew-by-weight feature on the Linea Mini) 
  • A Linea Mini that has been connected and updated (check your Linea Mini compatibility here

who is brew-by-weight for?

In higher-traffic commercial environments like a cafe or pop-up, Brew-by-Weight technology enables the barista to maintain quality and consistency with minimal manual oversight. This frees up time to engage in other vital aspects of customer service.

avid home baristas
For those who make espresso at home and care about details, Brew-by-Weight offers unparalleled control and consistency. It minimizes variables and produces a more consistent shot every time. Plus, it can simplify sharing our espresso machine with someone less well-versed in the espresso-making process.

If you’re new to espresso, Brew-by-Weight minimizes the variables we need to manage, making it easier to produce cafe-quality espresso as you learn the ropes.

setting up your scale

Ensure your Linea Mini is connected and updated to the latest version. Open the La Marzocco Home App, update it to the latest version, and navigate to settings to locate the new “brew-by-weight” tab. From here, you can search for, and pair, your Brew-by-Weight Scale 

setting the dose 
For this scale and instructional purposes, we’ll refer to the output of espresso as “dose.” Setting a dose will correspond to the mass of espresso that the scale measures. Your dose (out) should correspond to the coffee dose (in) that you grind into the portafilter. For more information on brew recipes and brew ratios, see our “Using Espresso Brew Ratios” post.  

Here’s an example of two doses to start with, based on using 18g of coffee in the portafilter: 

  • Dose 1: 18g (ristretto shot) 
  • Dose 2: 36g (normale) 

Once your doses are set, return to the home screen of the app to select which dose you would like to use. You can choose Dose 1, Dose 2, or Manual (Continuous flow). Selecting the “manual” dose means you would like to weigh your shot but stop the machine on your own. 

pulling a shot of espresso

  1. Turn the scale on and allow it to pair with the machine—a small “link” icon will appear on the scale when properly connected.
  2. Insert the portafilter into the group head and ensure it’s securely in place.
  3. Engage the brew paddle to initiate the brewing process.
  4. The scale will auto-tare and the shot timer will automatically start once the paddle is engaged
  5. The brewing process will stop automatically once the pre-set weight is reached.

The more you use the Brew-by-Weight Scale, the more accurate the results will be. Switching from a spouted to bottomless portafilter can alter the accuracy, but the scale and machine will adjust.

This tool is not just a technological add-on; it’s an investment in consistent quality and greater control over our coffee. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a casual enthusiast, pairing the Linea Mini with this scale is a step toward a more refined brewing experience.