Equipped with two Linea Minis, a home barista scores big with coffee fans around the world.

a day in the life

4:30 am – Warmups
During coffee trailer season the day starts early, even with most prep work done the night before. Caitlin’s main goal before stepping out of bed is to game plan and visualize what the day will look like. She goes through her mental checklist, heads downstairs, makes an iced espresso and usually gets in a morning workout. Now, the day can officially begin.

Growing up, Caitlin didn’t think she would end up in the coffee world. In fact, she wanted to play hockey! However, after overcoming not just one, but two serious head injuries while playing and coaching hockey, she underwent brain rehabilitation twice and decided to move her career in a different direction. These experiences lead Caitlin to discovering a new and unexpected passion…

from hockey pucks to coffee cups

7:00 am – Starting Lineups
Today’s coffee trailer game is at the local farmers market! All set up, the only thing left to do is double-check the workflow. The game plan is sound, but there’s always something to tweak. Tamper in hand, grinder dialed in, machine up to temperature. The crowds know what to expect, and so does she. It’s go time.

In hockey, “puck drop” means the game is on and the action starts! In Caitlin’s game of life her father, lovingly referred to as ‘Papa Street Brew,’ actually had the initial idea of getting into coffee and they ventured into roasting coffee beans together in the fall of 2019. Caitlin jumped in and found herself enjoying coffee for the first time once they started brewing at home. Their roasting adventure began right before the 2020 pandemic, and while they initially wanted to open a brick-and-mortar location, that quickly seemed wildly out of reach. So, they got some refurbished espresso equipment and a pop-up trailer to start doing events and selling coffee around town.

your favorite online barista

9:00 am – Puck Drop
Shots start falling, and Caitlin is in her groove. In sports, it’s called being in “the zone.” While there is some magic to being in the zone, it’s more than that. It’s about preparation, practice, and intimately knowing the ins and outs of your craft. The crowds are loving it and there are many more watching the virtual live steam too… this is what it’s all for.

Transforming a passion for crafting the perfect cup of coffee into a thriving business and sharing that with a broader community is incredibly exciting. However, building something like this from the ground up requires dedication and a spirited personality. Caitlin exemplified this when she next decided to jump into boldly sharing her journey as a young professional making coffee for a living on social media. She was very successful, but also dealt with a shocking amount of not so great comments in return as well. But rather than give in to the negativity, Caitlin chose to rise above it. With determination and resilience she continued to carve her own path in life.

go get ’em girl

4:00 pm – The Final Whistle
As the final whistle blows, Caitlin takes a moment to reflect on how far she’s come. This is the payoff for all the preparation, practice, and grit she’s poured into her coffee business. Her journey from hockey pucks to coffee cups has been anything but smooth, but it’s that resilience that has defined her story.

Fast forward to Caitlin upgrading her espresso set up with two new Linea Mini machines! Setting them up next to each other in her coffee trailer she continues to reach for new goals and rolls into yet another epic pop-up season. The new equipment will help her be versatile while still keeping pace with the high volume events and customer demand that they have built from the ground up. Catch Caitlin Campbell serving up delicious espressos from the Street Brew Coffee trailer at local events in Toronto, Canada during the warm months!

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