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Brooklyn, New York

SEY is a contemporary micro-roastery proudly based in Brooklyn, New York. We are in pursuit of delivering a selection of the finest, most dynamic, and complex coffees we can by developing, supporting, and progressing relationships throughout the supply chain.

Yabitu Koba – Guji, Ethiopia

This coffee comes to us under the careful eye of the Yabitu Koba manager and coffee legend Feku Jebril, and is grown at some of the highest coffee growing elevations in the world. Coffees from this region of Uraga are relatively new, and have only really existed in their own right for around ten years. Before that, they were trucked across the border, blended, and sold as Yirgacheffe. Luckily for us, these unique coffees are now being processed and sold separately, and have become some of our favorite flavor profiles from Ethiopia.

Origin: Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia

Producer: Ugo Begne

Elevation: 2,160 – 2,310 masl

Process: Washed; Harvested at peak ripeness. Floated to remove defects. Depulped. Grade 1 density separated. Wet fermented for 36-48 hours. Dried on raised beds for 10-14 days.

Varietals: Ethiopian Landrace & JARC Selections

Tasting Notes: watermelon, hibiscus, jasmine; This is an exquisite representation of the region of Uraga, extremely high up in the Guji highlands. It is a complex cup, layered with ripe watermelon, singing acidity, and jasmine-like florals.

Brewing Recipe

In: 16g Dose

Out: 44g Yield

Time: 30 Seconds

Pressure: 6 Bar

Pre-Infusion: No Pre-infusion

Temperature: 200F

TDS: 7.9 

Coffee Tools: 22.75% Extraction

Manual Calculation: 21.75% Extraction 

A quick note before you enjoy your espresso….

As roasted coffee needs to naturally de-gas, lighter roasts need longer rest periods. During this time, acids and sugars tend to balance and the overall experience becomes much more integrated. Our coffees will continue integrating and peak 3 to 4 weeks off roast, with often great results for weeks afterwards.

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