October 2023 | Harrisburg, PA

Little Amps

Little Amps Coffee was founded in 2010 by a soon to be former indie rocker, inspired by a burgeoning industry and an opportunity to bring his newfound passion for bean back home. Buzzy, quirky and fun, little amps stays in constant pursuit of tasty coffee and chill vibes! Fast forward to 2023, and we’re still here, roasting and serving the good folks of Harrisburg, PA and beyond!

Friend Blend

Coffee Name: Friend Blend
Origin: Limu, Ethiopia/Huila, Colombia
Producer: Haider Aba Mecha/Community lot from Northern and Southern Huila
Elevation: 1,900-2,065/1,600-1,900 masl
Process: Washed
Variety: Heirloom/Caturra, Colombia, CastilloTasting Notes: Candied lemon, bing cherries, milk chocolate, mellow floral notes.

When you need a seasonal, reliable coffee for any occasion, Friend Blend is there for you! This is a staple in our lineup, consisting of fresh crop washed process coffees from Colombia and Ethiopia. We use this as our house espresso as it is a lovely accompaniment to milk drinks, but it is equally awesome as drip coffee!

Friend Blend Brewing Recipe

Dose: 19.5 grams
Time: 28-30 seconds
Yield: 45 grams
Temperature: 200 F
Pressure: 9 bars
Preinfusion: n/a

This coffee is great as filter and in any brew method you please! We advise 1:16 coffee to water ratio.

Fazenda do Juquinha

Origin: South of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Producer: Weber Batista & Ivan Prado de Melo
Elevation: 1,300 masl
Process: Natural
Variety: Yellow CatuaíTasting Notes: Tropical fruit, white grape, cane sugar

Weder inherited his late father’s 15 hectare farm in 2016 where he and his partner, brother-in-law Ivan Prado de Melo, use their farming tradition, passion to push their craft, perfect growing climate, and incredible team to produce great coffee! This natural process Yellow Catuai is harvested directly from the trees to a suspended terrace to rest and dry for 50 days.

Fazenda do Juquinha Brewing Recipe

These specs were developed on a Linea PB using a 20 gram basket and using an E80s. Extraction of 20.3%.

Dose: 19.5 grams
Time: 28-30 seconds
Yield: 45 grams
Temperature: 200F
Pressure: 9
Preinfusion: n/a

Little Amps Note: This coffee is super enjoyable as flash iced coffee!