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Fresh on the heels of a month of delicious espresso blends from our friends at Cuvée, we’re super excited to share two single origin espressos with you from the folks at Sweet Bloom. You’ve probably heard of Sweet Bloom’s Andy Sprenger—a former US Brewer’s Cup champion and world runner-up in both Brewer’s Cup and Taster’s Cup. These two coffees—Eibar Rojas and Duromina—are incredibly delicious and should make for a fascinating month of comparison. If you’re part of the Espresso Subscription, you’ll find detailed info about your coffees below. Enjoy!

Eibar Rojas—Cauca, Colombia

Coffee: Eibar Rojas
Origin: Cauca, Colombia
Farm/Farmer/Producer: Eibar Rojas
Elevation: 6070 feet
Tasting Notes: soft floral, tangerine, caramel


Eibar Rojas Recipe:

In: 18g
Out: 36g
Time: 25-28 seconds
Pressure: 9 bars
Temperature: 201 Fahrenheit

Most of the coffees we source from Colombia come from the Huila and Nariño department, so we are happy to offer this gem from the Cauca. Eibar Rojas’s farm, Santo Tomas, sits high in the northwest corner of Colombia near the municipality of Pedgregal. He’s been producing coffee for 18 years now and his experience shows. Harvesting only ripe cherries and careful processing lead to a wonderfully clean and sweet cup.


Ethiopia Duromina

Coffee: Duromina
Origin: Jimma, Ethiopia
Farm/Farmer/Producer: Duromina Cooperative
Elevation: 6233-6889 feet
Tasting Notes: lychee, apricot, honey


Ethiopia Duromina Brewing Recipe

In: 18 grams
Out: 40 grams
Time: 25-28 seconds
Pressure: 9 bars
Temperature: 201 Fahrenheit

A little over 100 small scale producers contribute their fruit to this co-op. The floral aromatics are stunning, and can be found in the cup as well, playing nicely with notes of apricot and lychee. Truly a lovely spring coffee.



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