Espresso at Home with James Freeman

A glimpse into the inspiration behind people who make coffee at home. The Founder of Blue Bottle shares his story over a cappuccino.

All over the world, people start their day by making a cup of coffee. Espresso at Home gives us a glimpse into the ritual of home baristas and what inspires them in their daily life. Up first is James Freeman, Founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, one of the most influential specialty coffee brands in the world.

Watch the video now.

“That ritual of having a warmed-up espresso machine waiting for me, making a quick cappuccino before I do basically anything else, including put on pants—that’s been a feature of my life for many years.

…but they were very conscious of their process and their rituals around the horrible coffee. I have an appliance timer on the back of my espresso machine—it turns on about an hour before everybody wakes up. They [my parents] had that on theirs, too, so there are these odd threads in common about how important it is to have something, like, ready to go.”

“I brew the 17 ft. Ceiling [blend] which I came up with long ago for Mint Plaza. It’s pretty classic, it’s caramelly, pretty thick—as long as I’m measuring reasonably well and the coffee is within a reasonable time off roast, then I’ll be alright…I won’t get anything, that…you know, makes me furious…

…can’t have that first thing in the morning.”


Photos & Video by Life & Thyme (@lifeandthyme)

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