How to Install Pantechnicon Linea Mini Steam Knobs

A short picture guide to (carefully) swapping out your Linea Mini Steam Knobs

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Tools Needed:

Flat-head Screwdriver

Philips Screwdriver

17mm Wrench

Adjustable Wrench

4mm Hex Key

Wire Cutters

Needle Nose Pliers

Standard Pliers

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Step 1: Remove cup tray & group cover plate
(Phillips & Flathead Screwdriver)





Step 2: Remove steam knob cap
(Use palm for custom knobs & screwdriver for stock knobs)




Step 3: Loosen & disengage the copper steam supply tube fitting from
the valve inlet.

Use adjustable wrench to secure valve in place while removing the steam supply tube
(17mm wrench & adjustable wrench)





Step 4: Cut cotter pin and remove excess from the valve stem
(Wire Cutters)

* be careful not to touch internal knob threading with tools


Step 5: Unscrew steam knob to remove from steam valve

* be sure to keep the washers in the same order





Step 6: Install replacement steam knob by screwing back onto the steam valve

* make sure the washers are in the same order as they were placed originally



Step 7: Insert 4mm wrench into the valve inlet to extend valve stem outward

* be sure not to use sharp tools as it can damage the valve seal




Step 8: Install bent cotter pin into the valve stem by hand

Remove 4mm tool from valve inlet when cotter pin is fully inserted



Step 9: Secure valve stem in place with standard pliers

Bend one side of the cotter pin with needle nose pliers




Step 10: Reinstall copper steam supply tube fitting to the valve inlet
(17mm wrench & adjustable wrench)



Step 11: Reinstall cup tray & group cover plate
(Phillips & Flathead Screwdriver)



Step 12: Install steam knob cap onto newly installed steam knob


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