East One x La Marzocco Home

January 2022’s Featured Espresso Subscription Roaster

A Brooklyn & Chelsea Staple

We’re excited to team up with the wonderful people at East One Coffee, and even more excited to share them with you to kick off 2022. East One is a quality-forward coffee roasting company with cafes in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn and Chelsea, NYC. They are committed to creating opportunities, fostering engagement, and supporting a more diverse community within the coffee industry at every level.

A quick note about from East One about their coffees this month: these two coffees respond well to high brew ratios and long contact times. If you typically work with more medium to dark roasted coffees, get ready to try out a really different approach to maximize the sweetness and dimension.

Coffee 1: Marcela Valle

Marcela Valle is a spectacular example of a wide open, sugar-sweet coffee that really sparkles when prepared as espresso. Grown on Marcela’s finca, El Corcho, this coffee is dried on raised beds for 3-4 days before being moved to solar dryers that Marcela and her brother, both engineers, built themselves.


Coffee Name: Marcela Valle

Origin: Honduras, San Marcos, Ocotepeque

Producer: Marcela Valle

Elevation: 1550masl

Process: washed

Tasting Notes: Expansive, round and sweet, reminds us of honey grahams and red delicious apples.

Marcela Valle Recipe

Brew Ratio: 1:3 (Lungo)

In: 16.5g

Out: 48g

Time: 50-52 seconds

Temperature: 204F

Pressure: 9 bar

Pre-infusion: none

Other: When in doubt, try pushing for more extraction by dropping the dry dose or extending contact time past the bounds of your typical limit. 

Coffee 2: Raro Nansebo

This coffee is the second of three coffees we bought from Ture Waji in our second year purchasing coffees from his production. Raro Nansebo is a fantastically complex natural Ethiopia that brings more dimension to the cup than many washed coffees we tasted this year thanks to Ture’s extraordinary attention to detail in cherry selection, drying and milling.

Coffee Name: Raro Nansebo

Origin: Ethiopia, Guji Uraga, Majoo

Producer: Ture Waji

Elevation: 2350 masl

Process: natural

Tasting Notes: Gentle and warm, this distinct natural brings to mind ripe, fuzzy peaches and jasmine flowers.

Raro Nansebo Recipe

Brew Ratio: 1:2.9 (Normale-Lungo)

In: 17g

Out: 50g

Time: 53-55 seconds

Temperature: 204F

Pressure: 9 bar 

Pre-infusion: none

Other: If you partake in milk drinks, the ripe peach element here will come through nicely in small format drinks (cortado,cappuccino). Have fun adventuring well past the 60 second mark for a different depth of sweetness.

Learn more about East One and order more coffee here.