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Portland, Oregon

coava noun \ ko­vuh \

About us:

As one of the premier coffee roasters in the United States, we embody a relentless focus on quality, and quality doesn’t come easy. It’s the result of hard work, experience, and persistence. 

Coava was founded in 2008 in a garage in North Portland by a veteran barista. Having spent years in specialty coffee, Matt dreamed of starting his own company where he could roast and prepare coffees that would be exciting for professional baristas and inviting to everyday drinkers. Over the years, we’ve grown to a team of nearly fifty coffee lovers who have a vast scope of knowledge and experience and of course, a genuine passion for coffee. 

Our menu is focused on single origin coffees. We offer a rotating selection of small lot, seasonal coffees. We invest in sustainable, long-term partnerships with exceptional coffee producers and have diligently refined our craft in order to roast some of the highest-scoring coffees in the world. It’s an absolute honor to share them with you.


Colombia Robinson Figueroa

Coffee Name: Colombia Robinson Figueroa

Origin: Colombia

Producer: Robinson Figueroa

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1535-1750 masl

Tasting Notes: Dried fig, allspice & maple

Brewing Recipe

In: 19.5g

Out: 25g

Time: 24-26s

Temperature: 202F

Pressure: 9 bar

Pre-infusion: none

Note: Use a higher dose to really highlight the texture of this coffee. We recommend trying a coarser grind for this coffee so that it’s acidity and pleasant tartness are brought to the forefront.

Sulawesi Gowa Topidi


Coffee Name: Sulawesi Gowa Topidi

Origin: Sulawesi

Producer: Daeng Balenkang

Elevation: 1300-1500 masl

Process: Honey

Tasting Notes: Pomegranate, shortcake & rose petal 

Brewing Recipe

In: 19g

Out: 26g

Time: 26-28s

Temperature: 202F

Pressure: 9 bar

Pre-infusion: none

Note: Use a mid range or slightly lower dose so that the intense flavors of this coffee don’t become overwhelming. We recommend trying a slightly finer grind as well, to pull out more sweetness and to tame the bright acidity of this coffee.