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A Tradition Reimagined

introducing leva x1

A Tradition Reimagined

Own a piece of espresso history. The Leva-X 1 Group re-invents the iconic lever-actuated machines that introduced crema to the world. Built to be a cutting-edge mechanical centerpiece, the Leva encourages interaction, experimentation, and control, all while delivering a world-class extraction.

A Truly Mechanical System

Full control over the brewing process. The Leva X features pre-infusion, adjustable spring pre-load, and adjustable water volume in an outward facing way.

The Lever, Re-designed

Designed from the ground up, the Leva's lever-activation requires 40% less exertion than other lever machines on the market. The Leva takes cues from the past while completely establishing itself as a new innovation in the world of lever machines.

Modern Temperature Stability

Leva greatly improves temperature stability of both traditional & modern lever machines thanks to an innovative PID temperature control with temperature measurement checkpoints throughout strategic points in the machine. Leva is the most temperature stable lever machine ever created.

Real-Time Feedback

Leva’s digital display shows real time extraction pressure, pre-infusion and extraction time as well as the pressure curve over the course of each shot. After brewing, the extraction curve and parameters are visualized on the display as a graph, giving the home barista the ability to overlay past visualizations, saving up to four graphs as guides for future extractions.

Now Available - $15,000

Made to order. Includes shipping, installation, and pre-installation visit. Contact us for more information.

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