Mazzer Mini Electronic



A compact, programmable espresso grinder. Perfect for repeatable, easy dosing of your espresso making for consistent daily use.  

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Mazzer espresso grinders are perhaps the most respected brand of commercial quality espresso grinders available. The Mazzer Mini is a good choice for the espresso enthusiast’s home with a height that fits under most kitchen cabinets. Built to last with only top quality materials, the Mazzer Mini is also feature-rich, capable of producing a proper espresso grind with a stepless collar adjustment that allows for precise dialing in.

Height: 18.5 inches
Hopper holds 1.3 lbs
64 mm flat burrs that grind 18 grams of coffee in 14 seconds
Programmable electronic dosing adjustment of .5 second increments

easy progamming

Quickly adjust your grind time to find the right dose at the press of a button. Allow the grinder to do the work for you.