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Linea Mini Customization Kit in Walnut



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Customize your La Marzocco Linea Mini with this Walnut Customization Kit. Made in Seattle, WA by Pantechnicon design, each Walnut custom part in this kit fits any Linea Mini.  

Bolstered by aluminum accents crafted from a single piece of high-quality walnut, these customizations will add to the look and feel of your daily brew ritual, and give your Linea Mini a unique flair.

The Walnut Customization Kit includes: Walnut Steam Knobs, Walnut Group Cover, Walnut Paddle, and Walnut Double-Spouted Portafilter

*Wood grain and color may differ from pictures due to the individuality of each tree used for production.
**Walnut is 100% American grown under Managed Forest Crop control, insuring sustainability.