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Florentine Linea Mini


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La Marzocco’s Special Edition Florentine Linea Mini. Inspired by Florence, the renaissance city home to innumerable famous artists, architects, thinkers and political figures, and birthplace of La Marzocco.  Renaissance fern green body panels are accented by a golden logo and walnut wood custom parts inspired by the olive fields surrounding Tuscany.

The Florentine Linea Mini comes with connected machine capabilities, performance touch steam wand, and standard Linea Mini features. Available in limited quantities.

Currently scheduled to ship within 6-8 weeks after order.

Florentine linea mini

Bring a phenomenal coffee experience to your home with the new Florentine Linea Mini.

“Invoke the feeling of the Tuscan countryside and fabulous renaissance paintings with this timeless green machine. The most popular green paint used by Renaissance painters was made from minerals found in the area”.


Piero Bambi, late honorary president of La Marzocco, fell in love with this color after viewing a Renaissance period wallpaper. It featured golden lilies over a solid green background. Piero felt the colors would instantly transform any home kitchen into a small piece of Florence.

Linea Mini Specs

Height (in) - 15
Width (in) - 14
Depth (in) - 18
Weight (lbs) - 66
Voltage (V) - 115V
Amperage (A) - 14A (115V)
Element Wattage (W) - 1620 (115V)
Steam Boiler (liters)- 3
Dual Boiler

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