SAI Custom GS3 – Craftsman Series




Craftsman Series – St. Anthony Industries

We are very proud to introduce the St. Anthony Industries Custom GS3. This is the first special edition GS3 in our Craftsman Series. A very limited number of machines are being built for availability on the La Marzocco Home website.

Below is the description of the machine from St. Anthony Industries:

“Envisioned as a geometric space craft spreading the sounds of heavy metal through a hi-fidelity stereo.  Panels, Group Cap, and Portafilter handle are made from Walnut, Cherry, and Ash hardwoods with brass accents. These are American hardwoods, beautifully strong yet different in grain and hue. Together they are a striking trio. The stainless steel drip tray surround and the back panel were refinished with a ceramic abrasive to achieve a rich matte finish. Each side panel is carefully tapered with a 1930s hand planer and finished with lemon oil and bees wax. The LM logo is cut out of end grain walnut and meticulously inset into tapered side panel.”

The Saint Anthony Industries GS3 is a truly unique and beautiful machine that you will be proud to own.


GS3 Auto-Volumetric Version

Pro Steam Wand Upgrade

Custom 3 Wood Side Panels, Portafilter Handle and Group Cap

Walnut Machine Feet

Ceramic blasted Drip Tray Surround and Back Panel


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after placing your order.