Nordic Linea Mini





product description

La Marzocco’s 2023 Special Edition Linea Mini. The Nordic Linea Mini is a visual journey through the Nordic region and draws inspiration from the comforting and inviting atmosphere found across Nordic culture. Twilight-blue body panels are adorned with reflective aurora-speckling, steel accents, and maple wood custom parts, creating a warm and inviting feel that is perfect for a cozy morning routine.


The Nordic Linea Mini comes with connected machine capabilities, performance touch steam wand, and standard Linea Mini features. Available in limited quantities. Currently scheduled to ship early May.

in the details

Complete set of maple wood knobs, brew paddle, paddle cover along with a maple and stainless steel cup rail. Comes equipped with a performance touch steam wand and a completely custom painted in twilight blue


Accessories included: Suite of portafilter baskets in sizes of; 7g, 14g, 17g, 21g and a cleaning basket, standard convex tamper, 12oz steaming pitcher, Purocaff cleaning solution.

nordic linea mini slow tv

Enjoy the ambience of a crackling fireplace and warm espresso machine during your morning routine.

Journey through Nordic waters and follow a Linea Mini from Florence to the home of an eager home barista.

Beautiful bottomless espresso shot, animated and looped.