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Linea Mini in Sapphire & Brass



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La Marzocco’s Special Edition Sapphire Linea Mini. Designed to stand out in your living spaces, or gracefully complement colorful kitchens. Bold sapphire body panels are accented by refined brass steam caps and brass machine badges on both the front and back. The Sapphire Linea Mini comes with connected machine capabilities, performance touch steam wand, and standard Linea Mini features. Available in limited quantities.

A Special Edition

Coffee is a special moment that brings people together. Whether at the start of the day or after dinner around a table filled with family and friends. The Sapphire Linea Mini, introduced as La Marzocco Home’s 2020 Special Edition machine has been designed with special touches to celebrate those moments and spaces.


Bold backsplashes, high mountain lakes, statement faucets, golden sunsets, and brass cabinet hardware. An intense, elegant, and vivid color. Its shade of blue has a relaxing effect and adds a touch of style to your living spaces.


Height (in) - 15
Width (in) - 14
Depth (in) - 18
Weight (lbs) - 66
Voltage (V) - 115V
Amperage (A) - 14A (115V)
Element Wattage (W) - 1620 (115V)
Steam Boiler (liters)- 3

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