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Lever actuated espresso for the historian. Brew espresso connected with the beginnings of espresso as we know it today.

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product description

Own a piece of espresso history. The Leva-X 1 Group re-invents the iconic lever-acuated machines that introduced crema to the world. The Leva is a cutting-edge mechanical centerpiece that encourages interaction, experimentation, and all while delivering a world-class extraction.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible throughout the process. Leva X-1 Groups are currently in stock and ready to ship. The current estimated overall timeline is 4-6 weeks from pre-home inspection to delivery and installation to your home. The following steps are following the completion of your payment.

All Leva X1 espresso machines require 220v power.

step one

Coordinate a pre-home inspection with an espresso machine technician nearest you.

step two

Schedule installation of 220v electrical supply along with the capability to plumb your Leva in and drain out. If you would like recommendations on an electrician and/ or a plumber, your local technician can help point you in the right direction.

step three

Schedule your Leva X-1 for quality assurance and shipping from our warehouse in Seattle, WA. We will ship directly to your local technician from here. At this time you will be contacted to coordinate the best time/ date for installation.

final step

Delivery & Installation day. The technician will arrive at your home to install your machine.