Handmade Ceramic 10 oz

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Handmade Ceramic 10 oz. Latte / Americano Cup

Ceramic and coffee go hand in hand. If you care about the quality of your coffee, you should care about the vessel you drink it from. This 10 oz. Latte / Americano cup is sized for those drinks you like to take your time on. Taller than it is wide, this cup is sturdy and light with a wide top.


Each porcelain cup is slip-cast and fired in Seattle, WA by ceramicist Sarah Kaye. These cups are lined with an interior white glaze, hand-finished with a white exterior glaze around the lip, and are debossed with the La Marzocco Lion.

We designed our cups to be comfortable to hold, beautiful to look at, and wide enough to pour intricate latte art into.

Designed and fired in Seattle, WA


  • 10 oz. cup 
  • Debossed La Marzocco Lion
  • Slate Grey-colored porcelain
  • Microwave/Dishwasher Safe
  • Comfortable texture
  • Because each cup is handmade, some variation in size and appearance may occur oz. cup