GS3 Customization Kit – Maple

$890.00$1,110.00 + tax in WA, WI, CA, CO, NY and GA



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Customize your La Marzocco GS3 with this Maple Customization Kit. Made in Seattle, WA by Pantechnicon design, each Maple custom part in this kit fits any GS3 and is an easy way to upgrade the look and feel of your machine.  

The Maple Customization Kit includes: 

GS3 AV:  Maple Side Panels, Steam Lever, AV Group Cap, Double-Spouted Portafilter

GS3 MP:  Maple Side Panels, Paddle, Steam Lever, Spouted Portafilter (MP Cap incoming)

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*Wood grain and color may differ from pictures due to the individuality of each tree used for production.
**Walnut is 100% American grown under Managed Forest Crop control, insuring sustainability.