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 The Home Espresso Lab is the first physical space dedicated to teaching people the art of espresso, open seven days a week.  The Home Espresso Lab features four machine stations with two GS3s and two Linea Minis that are always on and ready for you to try your hand at being the barista. We created our ideal espresso stations that feature Lux D grinders over counter top knockboxes and built-in Acaia Lunar scales and pitcher rinsers. It is our hope that the Home Espresso Lab will give anyone access to espresso education that is interested.

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Walk in Espresso Questions and Tutorials

9am – 5pm Monday – Sunday

Home Barista Classes and Labs

Sign up on our Events Calendar for the following events: Barista Basics Class Milk Basics Class Guest Roaster Lab Seattle Home Barista Community Group Events Calendar

La Marzocco Home Machine Demos

Sign up below for 30 minute demos on any of our home equipment or for general questions about home espresso.


Partner in Residence

Onda Origins: January 2020

Onda Origins: January 2020 Ivonne Herrera / Guatemala — Onda Origins is a Seattle-based coffee sourcing and roasting company that’s creating a new way of doing business: connecting coffee growers and drinkers so together we can make coffee more sustainable. They share revenue from every purchase directly with the grower, so every cup supports higher […]

La Marzocco Cafe and Showroom

The Home Espresso Lab is located within the La Marzocco Cafe in Seattle Center.

Each month, a new, renowned coffee roaster or coffee brand from across the US or elsewhere in the world will take over our café space, implement a new menu, train our staff on their coffees and drink preparation, and curate a new experience for guests. Join us for something refreshing and new during each visit.

Come visit us to experience the incredible diversity of specialty coffee being served around the world.