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A quick primer on brewing espresso at a lower pressure
Sulawesi Tana Toraja Bolokan + Shore Leave Hook Blend
Dear Coco Street Coffee, a mobile London coffee shop powered by the Linea Mini
Colombia Robinson Figueroa + Sulawesi Gowa Topidi
The former longtime La Marzocco CEO reflects on his history with La Marzocco and shares more about his beautiful new espresso machine museum in Seattle.
Chart your extraction journey using tools, taste, & perception
  • An espresso con panna recipe for the home barista
    Use knowledge, skills, and tools to find your new, unique taste
    Dispatch from Italy | An espresso & cycling project in the Netherlands
    Espresso machines, accessories, and tools to upgrade your home workflow this summer.
    Brazil Silvia's Reserve + Ethiopia Suke Quto + Blending Experiment
    Episode 3 from La Marzocco's Accademia del Caffè Espresso in Tuscany
    Transform your afternoon park drinks into a dreamy soiree in the Tuscan countryside
    Join us in supporting the first-of-its-kind Coffee Center to further research into the world of coffee and espresso.
    Episode 2 Live from La Marzocco's Accademia del Caffè Espresso in Tuscany
    A delicious, velvety drink with flavors that remind us of a crisp morning in the hills of Scarperia
    A spicy, seasonal drink to make on your espresso machine.
    Origins, drink profiles and recipes you can make with your home espresso machine.
    A holiday gift guide designed for the home espresso enthusiast.
    Grind, dose, and tamp with the push of a button.
    Milk Money Espresso + Finca El Arroyo, Huehuetenango
    Instructions on how to install the new Connected Machine kit on your machine.
    The fifth-generation coffee producer shares her story over an espresso.
    Learn all about brew ratios and how to use them to dial in any coffee...
    9 Swans Seasonal Espresso + Colombia Dina Maria Quesada
    Learn to pour a heart, tulip, and basic tips & tricks
    How espresso fuels Crossfit Champion Mat Fraser
    Learn to dial in, target a brew ratio, and more...
    Learn to dial in, target a brew ratio, and more...
    A quick primer on what to look for, and how to steam it
    From eye-catching cafes to high-altitude roasters, a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs are aiming to make Colorado a national leader in coffee.
    Win a Linea Mini! We’re giving a home espresso upgrade to one lucky U.S. home barista.
    Use this quick tip video to try out some different ways of distributing coffee grounds in your portafilter basket.
    Take the guesswork out of your espresso routine with the basics of a well thought-out setup.
    Our observations from teaching latte art over the years. Focus on these tips & tricks to improve your milk pouring at home.
    Our handy palate-pleasing calendar hacks will help you keep a handle on the ever-changing seasonality of the coffees in your hopper.
    We're hitting the road! Drink espresso, demo the Linea Mini & GS3, and participate in all the Crush the Rush festivities.
    A glimpse into the inspiration behind people who make coffee at home. The Los Angeles Chef & Founder of Playa Provisions shares her story over a cappuccino.
    Familia Garcia, Brazil x STEP Espresso Blend
    Focus on these three variables to build a solid espresso foundation.
    Meet Dave Bise, Director for La Marzocco Home
    Take full advantage of auto-volumetrics on your home espresso machine
    GS3 Owner, La Marzocco friend, and Home Barista from Portland, Oregon
    How to make great espresso often, rather than great espresso rarely
    2014 United States Barista Champion, Stumptown Trainer, and Home Barista from the Portland Area.
    A casual time of espresso, education, machine demos, and conversation for home baristas
  • A casual time of espresso, education, machine demos, and conversation for home baristas
    Ever Meister shares tips & tricks from behind the bar
    The Blue Bottle Founder shares his story over a cappuccino.
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